What happened in self storage? First-hand news!

Do you know everything about your self-storage facility? We know everything about our warehouse. Without flipping through a stack of documents, asking the staff, without even entering the office. First-hand reports are provided by our best reporter – the SavvyLockers system.

  • Running a self-storage business requires monitoring many things at the same time – the appearance of new tenants, keeping an eye on payment terms, taking care of high occupancy of boxes. The Event module in the SavvyLockers system will prove reliable here.
  • The Event module allows you to keep track of the current situation in the self-storage warehouse and react quickly to sensitive cases.
  • In the SavvyLockers system you switch freely between locations, and each location has its own separate event monitoring.

You can read about what else you can monitor here: Savvylockers. And everything under control.

What’s going on in the box?

Running a self-storage business requires monitoring many things at the same time – new tenants, payment terms, ensuring high occupancy of boxes…. To keep your business running well, you need to keep everything under control and use reliable tools. The Event module in the SavvyLockers system is a tool that will keep watch for you. Treat it like your best reporter – it won’t miss any events you want to be up to date with. This way you won’t be caught off guard and will react in time to such situations as:

  • appearance of overdue payments,
  • receipt of new rental payments,
  • creation of a new rental in the system,
  • extension or cancellation of a rental,
  • creation of a new tenant in the User Panel,
  • approaching the end date of the rental of a particular locker,
  • lockers awaiting verification,
  • emergency opening of a locker (with an electric lock).

You will view this type of news in a nutshell right after logging into Savvylockers. There is no need to search the system to find the most important news. You will grasp the situation in a minute over a Monday coffee.

View of the Events module in the Sprytki.pl software

Action – reaction

You already know that the Event Module will help you keep track of the current situation in your self storage facility and respond effectively to all incidents. Take a look at what else this segment of our software can do. The four basic functions of the module are:

  • event monitoring,
  • notification of new actions,
  • searching for events,
  • archiving of events.

Event monitoring is not just collecting information in a list in the form of clear messages. In many cases, you can take action immediately from this level and go directly to rental edition.

You can read about what actions you can take in rental edition here: SavvyLockers – What’s so great about them? The “Lockers” module

To add, event monitoring can be particularly useful in situations where customers use the User Panel. If a potential customer registers, but for some reason does not finalize the box rental – you will receive a prompt in Action module. Further actions are now up to you. You can, as a result, get a customer if you contact them, clear their doubts and present a well-matched offer!

In addition to monitoring events, you also have the option to search them freely, for example, by name, customer name or by box ID. Events processed or those you no longer want to see in the current preview can be archived at any time. And with one click you switch the Current Events preview to the Archive preview.

And all well put together

Now you may ask: “Ok, I have five locations, won’t I get lost in the flurry of events?”. First of all, congratulations. There are events – there is movement in the business!

Second, in the SavvyLockers system you switch freely between locations, and there is independent event monitoring for each location. You will see a list with events as soon as you enter a specific location.

Third, the events are well arranged – chronologically (date and time) and by degree of importance. You will catch the most urgent ones right away (red alert) – they will be at the top of the list. Basically, you will encounter only three types of events (starting with the most important):

  • alert (mainly overdue payments),
  • notification (new rental, new tenant),
  • information (end of rental period).

Your eyes are on keeping track of payments? Alert events won’t let you miss anything.

With your hand on the pulse

Keeping your hand on the pulse is a a natural part of any manager’s job. With good software, the matter becomes simple. Your Event Monitoring will allow you not only to control the situation, but also to take advantage of business opportunities that arise. At the same time you will improve the efficiency of your work and, most importantly, you will save time and money!

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