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SavvyLockers. And everything under control!

Do you want your self-storage facility to run itself, but things don’t always go smoothly? Searching for competent employees keeps you up at night and more problems crop up? Customers jam the padlocks to the lockers, lose their keys or forget the access codes… It seems like a small thing, but you start to feel that enough is enough. This is the best time to give modern solutions a chance and regain control. We will tell you how to do it.

Modern means how?

The problems we mentioned in the introduction generate costs – you waste time and money to handle them. How do you avoid losses? We won’t beat around the bush – you need to invest a little to get started. Without the right infrastructure, you won’t get off the ground, but the investment will pay off faster than you think. With modern solutions, you’ll quickly find out that:

  • the time frame for renting lockers does not have to be limited to office hours only,
  • self-storage employees have fewer problematic after-hours calls,
  • entry to the warehouse is completely unmanned (in conjunction with the customer module),
  • satisfied customers will appreciate the convenience and will prefer to use your lockers.

What modern solutions multiply such benefits? It’s simple – SavvyLockers and electronic locks!

If electronic locks have settled in your warehouse for a long time, you can skip this paragraph – in the next one we will prove to you that it is possible to enter a higher level of management. If, on the other hand, your warehouse or lockers are traditionally locked, think about an electronic investment for years to come. According to the Digital Poland report, as many as 91% of Poles believe that new technologies make everyday life easier, and 74% are happy to use technological innovations [1]. Customers will therefore appreciate the modern nature of padlock-free self storage, and your list of storage problems will be remarkably shortened. If you don’t know where to start, contact us. We will advise you on which electronic locks will work for you and where best to install them.

Hardware ready? Let’s find out how to use software to tame it.

A word about access control

To take control of untamed electronics you need good software. If you bet on our original solution in the SavvyyLockers system – you’re home. Recently, on our blog, we presented two versions of Savvylockers software – the Light Package and the Full Package. We compared them using one of the modules as an example (you can read about it here: SavvyLockers – What’s so great about them? The “Lockers” module). This time, we are taking on another module which you will find only in the Full Package. We are talking about the “Accesses” module. 

The “Accesses” module is nothing more than the remote management of entry permissions. Control of access to your warehouse can be done on two levels.

  1. Object – access control can concern:
    • location- access to the warehouse/self-storage area,
    • lockers – access to individual lockers or separate parts of the warehouse.
  2. Human – you can assign access codes to:
    • tenants,
    • administrators,
    • service technicians.

Codes with personality

In addition to allocating access, you can also personalise codes. SavvyLockers offer two types of codes:

  • permanent codes – you always enter the same access code each time you enter,
  • variable codes – valid only for five minutes, generated from the mobile app or website (after logging in).

But that’s not all. It may be that Mr John values convenience and wants one permanent code, while Ms Anne will feel more confident with variable codes. No problem! Within one location, you can juggle code types as much as you like. You assign them per specific customer.

Is it complicated?

They say a little technology and one gets lost. Not with SavvyLockers! First of all – you don’t need to install any additional software because our system is web-based. Second – SavvyLockers is a clear, sensible and intuitive interface. You log into the admin panel and click, click, click. Just three mouse clicks and access to the locker is granted.

But you can click a lot more. Take a look at the main functionalities of the Savylockers system in the context of access control.

  1. Access code management from the Administrator level:
    • assigning / locking / unlocking access codes,
    • setting of code type (permanent, variable).
  2. Opening the electronic lock by entering the correct PIN code on the keypad. Such a PIN pad can be placed both at the entrance to the self-storage area and at specific lockers.
  3. Blocking of the user’s access code in case of non-payment of rent. After payment – also unlocking.
  4. Possibility of openning the locker remotely (e.g. if the tenant is unable to enter).

Benefits for your customer.

  1. The tenant makes the rental from the website, accepts the General Rental Terms and Conditions and, after paying for the locker, immediately receives an access code to the location.
  2. The tenant has access to the SavvyLockers customer panel, where he can view permanent code or generate variable codes at each entrance (depending on the type of code he has assigned).
Graphic. Various options for entering the warehouse managed by the Savvylockers system.

Let’s sum up

SavvyLockers Access Control is the simple and remote management of access permitions to your warehouse or specific lockers. Our original system is already working successfully for our customers.

At the moment, we are getting ready to fulfil a large order for the installation of electronic locks. At another customer, electronic locks are currently being installed so that it will be possible to manage access to specific parts of the warehouse. Yes, SavvyLockers can do that too! Each time we adjust the execution of the order to the requirements of the location (including fire safety).

Would you like to test how it actually works? Come and visit us at Octowa 2A, Bialystok! We manage our own self-storage facility here and we are up to date with electronic locks.

Sources: [1] Raport “Technologia w służbie społeczeństwu. Czy Polacy zostaną społeczeństwem 5.0? Edycja 2022”, 4, Warszawa, Październik 2022 r., Fundacja Digital Poland

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