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Automatic invoicing and JPK
The system automatically generates invoices and sends them via email to the tenant. It also prepares JPK files.
Online payments
Provide the ability to generate and automatically send a payment link to the tenant. The payment is automatically recorded in the system.
Allows to sign online contracts quickly and conveniently. The document is certified with the EuroCert seal.
Make it easy to monitor business. Personalized reports available, such as occupied and vacant boxes, paid and unpaid boxes, and more.
Box map
Streamlines the rental process. With the facility visualization, you can view box details and rent the box.
Online rental
Allows tenants to go through the entire rental process on their own: renting boxes, online contracting, quick payments, opening boxes with an electronic code.

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Maximize the potential of your self storage

With SavvyLockers software, business success is at your fingertips. The most comprehensive solution in Poland allows you to comfortably and efficiently manage your facility.

Automate daily operations and speed up work

Control details and make quick business decisions

Grow your business with a scalable system

Increase customer satisfaction, offer seamless self-service

Simple and intuitive!

See how to manage your self storage in a few easy steps with our software.

How to manage a self storage facility wisely?

Renting a box in the Admin Panel

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SavvyLockers is one of the most advanced self storage management solutions. The system is flexible and scalable. Depending on your needs, you can opt for the full package of our solutions or just a part of it.

Screenshot of Savvylockers software user panel choose box Savvylockers software user panel rental details Savvylockers software user panel

Admin panel

Comprehensive tool for self storage management, rentals, tenant supervision and automation of invoices, contracts and payments.

User panel

An intuitive interface for self-rental, managing rentals, payments and access to the warehouse.

Mobile app

Allows customers to open gates and boxes, view a list of rented boxes and make payments quickly and easily.

Access control module

Allows you to intuitively manage access to your facility and boxes with state-of-the-art location controllers, and electric locks.

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