SavvyLockers – What’s so great about them? The “Lockers” module

Are you in the process of opening your first self storage facility? Or maybe you have been in business for a while and it’s going so well that the Excel tables are getting too tight? In both cases, we have specific solutions to make your self storage run itself.

What is SavvyLockers?

SavvyLockers is a web application for running a modern and fully self-service self storage facility. Boxes, tenants, contracts, invoices, payments, access control – all in one place. You no longer need any additional software. Everything is organised in clever modules that you have at hand as soon as you enter the system. So, are we logging in?

A friendly interface awaits you as a greeting, but the best thing about SavvyLockers is its rich interior. The amount of available functionality will meet the expectations of any discerning warehouse manager. Not all features or modules have to fit your business, at least not right away. What’s more, if you are currently using any other software, we are ready for various integrations. SavvyLockers is flexible. So, to meet your requirements, our system currently comes in two versions:

  • Light Package 
  • Full Package 

What are the differences between the two packages? First of all, access to a different number of ‘tabs’ (we call them ‘modules’) and functionality. Which version will work for your business? Let’s take a look at the first of our system’s modules – the ‘Lockers’ module – and compare.

Light Package

Lockers, boxes, mini warehouses, micro garages, cells – whatever you call them in your business, they need to be well organised. Here we enable you to take full control of the situation. You just sign a contract with us and we configure everything for you, according to your guidelines.

The database is ready and what’s next? In the “Lockers” module, you already have access to a complete list of boxes for rent with the data at your fingertips right away:

  • locker ID (name and square footage),
  • tenant data,
  • rental period,
  • rental price,
  • payment details.

But that’s not all. In addition, from this level you can:

  • rent an unoccupied box (or reserve it to someone for 72 hours),
  • edit an already rented box.

The latter option, will show you the rental details of a specific box, it will also allow you to extend or finish a rental.

Full Package

New boxes, space modification, more locations…. You are starting to dream of a fully automated and self-service warehouse. If there’s a lot going on in your boxes, revenues are growing, but you are overwhelmed by the increasing amount of work – choose the Full Package. This version of SavvyLockers will allow you to keep up with your galloping business. You get everything from the Light Package plus two important things – time and full control. Time, because with SavvyLockers your business pretty much runs itself – the system will issue invoices for you and the tenant will pay for the box via a link received from an automatically sent email. Control, because you have the feeling that you’re in control of everything, which means you can:

  • add new boxes (ID, type, location description, area),
  • generate a proper rental contract (you always have a preview of it),
  • assign an access code (for locations and boxes with electric locks),
  • swap the user’s locker for another one (freedom of editing),
  • create promotions,
  • configure additional services (e.g. renting a pallet truck or boxes),
  • add extensions (e.g. electricity charge),
  • set up billing (e.g. whether to pay in advance or in arrears),
  • enable additional functions (e.g. granting access via a mobile app).

They say “time is money”, so how about saving even more both time and money? SavvyLockers can keep an eye on payments for you and, if you miss a them, can revoke access to your location and lockers with electric locks. Clever?

We are constantly evolving

We designed both versions of the SavvyLockers system to make running self storage a pleasure. The tailor-made software makes it intuitive, functional – just the way you need it.  And to make sure everything can really happen on its own, SavvyLockers also has something special for your current and future customers. It’s a web-based user panel that allows customers to rent and pay for a box on their own, without leaving  home!

Convinced? Then let us add at the end that we own a self-storage facility ourselves. We have the solid “know-how” for writing a good software – we know exactly what’s going on! And this knowledge gives rise to many ideas every day about what could be improved. Soon we will be releasing further features, including a map of the boxes. Just one glance – that’s how quickly you will assess the occupancy status of your boxes.

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