Online Contracts Means Goodbye To Paperwork

How to run self-storage business more economically and environmentally? Do it easily and comfortably, welcome green e-contracts today! Discover why it makes sense to move away from the paper tradition to modern technology. Welcome to the innovative world of online contracts that will not only save you time and money, but also provide security and convenience on a whole new level.

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  • Contracts can now be drawn up and finalised fully automatically, even skipping the printing stage.
  • The electronic signature has the same legal effect in all EU countries, and this will make it easier for you to conclude contracts for the rental of boxes in your self-storage facility.
  • You will carry out the entire rental contract process from A to Z in the SavvyLockers software.
  • The online contracting process is based on our proprietary Signa365 solution.
  • Now the tenant can rent and pay for the box, sign the contract and enter the warehouse without the involvement of an administrator.

Is it worth switching to online contracts?

Paper is patient, but are you sure you still have patience for paperwork? Let’s face it – traditional documents are now a thing of the past and digitalisation is booming. In addition, a good climate for the development of e-documents is created by the European Parliament’s friendly regulations, which try to keep up with the speeding technology (e.g. the eIDAS regulation (1)).

Digitisation is no doubt a major convenience when it comes to drawing up and finalising all contracts. Today, this can already be done fully automatically, even skipping the printing stage. We do not need convincing about the benefits of remote contracting. It is enough to mention:

  • speed and efficiency,
  • time and cost savings,
  • convenience and ease of access,
  • cost-effectiveness and ecology,

and all is clear.

All that remains is the signature. When you sign a contract online, both you and your customer need to be sure that the process is secure, reliable and properly authenticated. You don’t have to look far for such a guarantee – SavvyLockers software is the natural environment for reliable solutions. Our signature is secured by the Eurocert seal (details at

What can our e-signature do?

“The electronic signature has the same legal effects in all countries of the European Union” (2), and this will make it easier for you to conclude contracts for the rental of boxes in your self-storage facility. You can forget about the time-consuming exchange of documents and losing “paperwork”.  And everything is easy to organise in the smart SavvyLockers software.

Now you will carry out the entire contracting process, from content to signature, in just a few moments. Everything completely online. Firstly, we will upload the content of your contract into the software and the relevant variable fields (e.g. tenant details) will automatically fill in for the specific rental. Secondly, you will sign the contract remotely with your customer. Here we rely on our proprietary Signa365 solution. Only 3 simple steps are required (fig. 1).

Fig. 1. SavvyLockers – 3 steps to finalise an e-signature.

When you click on the link to sign, a dedicated web page opens. There are details such as the contract number, contract pages and you can also view the entire document once again.  To e-sign, all you have to do is check the box “I sign the contract as” and enter your details (name, surname, email address). All you have to do now is click the SIGN CONTRACT button and you’re done! Your customer does the same.

The signing of the online contract by the tenant and the facility administrator is certified on the “Signature Card”.

If the self-storage facility is equipped with an access control system, its management can truly become fully self-service. Now the tenant can rent and pay for a box, sign the contract and enter the storage facility without the involvement of an administrator. And all this 7 days a week 24/h (there are no restrictions to office hours). What’s more, he can do this while already standing at the warehouse door and with only a smartphone.

How do I know that the e-signature process is going well?

As our clients are used to, SavvyLockers informs them of each stage of the process with special emails. In this case, these will be messages about:

  • the launch of the online signing process,
  • an update on the signing process (after signing by one party and then by both parties),
  • completion of the online contract signing process.

To maintain all security standards, the fixed elements of these messages are the rental information and the contact to the facility administrator.

Where can I find contracts online?

You will start the signing process in the “Lockers” or “Tenants” module. We have added a corresponding “pop up” box there, where you just need to check:

  • send tenant agreement,
  • start the online signature process.

You can read more about the Lockers module here: SavvyLockers – What’s So Great About Them? The “Lockers” Module.

For even greater convenience, you can also start the signature process in the “Contracts” module., with a single click of the “Start online signature process” button. In this module, you will also find a collection of all contracts, including their status.

Switch to green e-contracts

Choosing online contracts in the self storage industry is a good step towards convenience, security and increased efficiency. Modern technology and regulations make it possible to abandon traditional, paper-based contracts in favour of digital solutions. This brings numerous benefits. By choosing SavvyLockers software, you can be sure that you will always be up-to-date with modern technology. The e-contract signing process is new to our software, but we are not slowing down. Soon we will share news of further innovations in the SavvyLockers system, including automatic payments.

Finally, here’s one more little detail. By switching completely to online contracts in your self storage business, you are taking a small but important step towards reducing our carbon footprint and preserving green spaces for generations to come.

Welcome to the green e-contracts of the SavvyLockers system!




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