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All roads lead to self storage. About the box map

The starting point of a successful business is a good plan, and the self-storage industry is no exception. This is the basis for making the right decisions at every stage of the business. Without a good plan, or a plan at all, the road gets bumpy.  Whatever goal you set for yourself and whatever path you take, one thing is clear – all roads are meant to lead customers to your self storage facility. How do you achieve this? From the beginning, act professionally, with a plan and a map in hand.

  • Map of boxes is the latest module of the SavvyLockers system. It is your self-storage facility visualised on a floor plan.
  • The map streamlines and speeds up the rental process, customer service and control of box statuses.
  • The box map works with a legend – each box status is marked with a different color.
  • You can click any box on the map and view its details. You can also immediately take a specific action, such as renting a free box.

You can read about another module of the SavvyLockers system here: https://whatis.savvylockers.com/savvylockers-whats-so-great-about-them-the-lockers-module/.

What do you do with the map?

Time for the main point of our journey. Let’s start with the fact that the box map of the SavvyLockers system will make it easier for administrators to manage the warehouse in many aspects:

  • it will streamline the rental process,
  • will improve customer service,
  • improve control over box statuses.

More control – less clutter. If you opt for our module, you will effectively have two options for viewing your boxes: a list and a map. You switch between these views with a single click of a dedicated button.

You can read about what else you can get under control here: https://whatis.savvylockers.com/savvylockers-and-everything-under-control/.

On the box map, you can now see the entire plan of the warehouse as if it were on the palm of your hand. As befits a good map, ours has an accompanying legend – each box status is marked with a different colour. What’s more, the statuses can be configured according to your wishes and the specifics of the warehouse. From our own experience, we would suggest that the most useful statuses are:

  • available,
  • reserved,
  • rented,
  • to be verified,
  • deactivated,
  • unpaid.
Fig.2. Box details window in the SavvyLockers system

The statuses additionally work like filters – select any colour or colours and only those boxes that meet the filter conditions will be highlighted.

However, the most interesting thing about this module is another functionality. You can click on any box and view its details and even take a specific action, such as renting free space. Do your customers sometimes have trouble deciding which box to put their stuff in?  In such situations, the box map is ideal. It makes it very easy (and quick!) for you to advise your customer on the best space for them. In addition to the ‘rent’ action, many other actions are available:

  • for boxes already rented these are e.g.: go to rental, extend, cancel,
  • for other boxes, e.g.: rent, release, restore.
Fig.2. Box details window in the SavvyLockers system

In the map view, there is also a search engine for boxes by tenant. In case of an urgent call from a customer, you can quickly find their box, provide information, make changes. You can even “transfer” a tenant to another box from this level.

Let’s get this show on the road

A Chinese proverb says that the furthest journey begins with a single step. Your journey can start with a small investment in software that will support your business for years to come. With this journey, you will find time to further develop your business. With a good warehouse management tool, you will save money at the same time – optimising your operations always pays off!

On the other hand, you will receive ongoing service support from our team. You can also count on us not standing still – our software is constantly blazing new trails. Soon, the map of safe deposit boxes will also make its way to the client panel of the SavvyLockers system. This will allow customers to view the facility map themselves and decide which available box they want to rent. Of course, only two statuses will be visible to them: available and rented. Clever?

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Want to click around and see how it works? Let’s meet for a coffee or an online presentation!

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