Features of the Savvylockers system

Self-service access for users

Take care of your tenants’ convenience and your own comfort especially outside office hours. Our access control system allows you to comfortably and securely enter both the facility and the boxes at any time (if the boxes are equipped with electric locks). All these options are available to the tenant from the user panel and mobile app. To enter, simply enter the code on the keypad or click the “open now” button. Simple? Trivially.

    Take care of the convenience of not only your tenants, but also your own, manage accesses to the facility faster and more efficiently. Forget about giving and taking away access to the facility – the system will do it for you. Want to have a fully automated self storage and forget about putting padlocks on the doors when a tenant is in arrears and taking them off after receiving payment? Nothing simpler – equip the box doors with electric locks, and our location controller will also transmit a signal to the electric lock controller to open (or not open) the tenant’s specific box door. And when the tenant pays, access is automatically restored.

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