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In the demanding self-storage market, knowledge is power. The new website is a treasure trove of information and tools to help you manage your storage facility wisely.

  • The new website is the result of several years of experience and accumulated knowledge of the self storage industry.
  • The website is a holistic approach to managing every aspect of your self-storage business.
  • is your assurance of expert knowledge.

Why Have We Created a New Website?

Do you know Mulholland Drive, the famous street in Los Angeles that offers a breathtaking view of the entire city for a stretch? The buildings, the roads, the cars—everything is right there in front of you. From this perspective, you can see just how many possibilities there are. By providing you with the new website, we want you to have a complete view of the self-storage market and find all the information you need in one place.

View of Los Angeles from the hill.
Los Angeles, Foto: Jamie McInall (Pexels)

The previous website, although useful, no longer fully reflected the extensive experience and knowledge we had acquired over several years of writing self storage management software. During this time, our software has grown with the industry and from a small management tool, became a multitasking system that watches over your business.

Finally, the new website is the result of years of work and observation of market needs. We own a self-storage facility and know very well what’s out there in the boxes. We want to share this knowledge and support other operators, for the benefit of the entire self storage market development.

What’s New On the Website?

This new space cements our commitment to offering a one-stop solution for the industry. Looking down from the hill at the city, you already know whether it’s near or far, whether something is better handled now or later. You see the big picture and it simplifies things. In developing our offer, we strive for the same clarity. We focus on a holistic approach to managing every aspect of your business, and so does our website. Why search for a needle in the internet’s haystack? Now, you can find all the valuable information in one place.

SavvyLockers answers questions about self storage business. is a cohesive ecosystem of tools, services and advice, designed to support your business at every stage – from box building to maintenance and continued growth.

What Can You Find With Us?

  • All about A database of information about the most advanced self storage management system. A compendium of available functionalities, possibilities and plans for development.
The SavvyLockers system has many of the features needed to run a self-storage facility.
  • Expert assurance. Nothing in the field of self storage will surprise us. We have experienced specialists, test everything firsthand, and we readily share our knowledge with others. Our website is a source of reliable knowledge – boxes full of information and advice to help you open, run and develop your self storage business. Visit the blog!
  • Case studies: How others manage their self-storages. Soon, this section will feature success stories from the self-storage business that are too good to miss. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find it in these real-world solutions.
The SavvyLockers system also has a blog in a mobile version.

A lot of content, right? Then let’s go back to Mulholland Drive and to our city ‘in the palm of our hand’. Imagine you’ve focused your eyes on just one building so far, but there’s so much more to discover all around! Alright, we might be exaggerating the scale, but we have much more content and we’ll continue to add new things.

Discover SavvyLockers!

Welcome to your new space of possibilities. The doors of are open to you. Software, industry tips, know-how about the self-storage business. You don’t have to search any more – now you can find everything you need right here.

How else can we help grow your business? Write, call – let’s talk online or meet for coffee!


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28 March 2024

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