Sprytki.pl joins FEDESSA! Even better self-storage services

We are pleased to announce that SavvyLockers, a producer of comprehensive self-storage management software, has become a member of FEDESSA, the Federation of European Self Storage Associations.

From this article, you will learn:

  • What does FEDESSA do?
  • What standards should self-storage facilities meet?
  • How does the SavvyLockers system help in meeting these guidelines?
  • What does cooperation with FEDESSA mean for Sprytki.pl’ customers?

What does FEDESSA do?

FEDESSA is an association that brings together approximately 2,000 operators from the self-storage industry across 30 European countries, making it the largest industry organization in the region! Now, our brand SavvyLockers is also part of this organization’s community.

The Federation’s primary mission is to ensure that the industry speaks with one, unified voice throughout Europe. It also aims to support the development of local national associations and position the self-storage sector as a responsible business partner [1].

What standards should self-storage facilities meet?

Self-storage facilities affiliated with FEDESSA must comply with the European Self Storage Standard. This ensures that tenants receive a guarantee of quality and security, allowing them to store their belongings without concerns. For storage facility owners, this guarantee is invaluable. With such assurance, it becomes easier to attract tenants and manage a well-organized facility.

The list of guidelines hat a self-storage facility must meet to qualify for the Federation is not particularly short. However, we will soon demonstrate how easily these standards can be met using just one tool.

Here are some of the guidelines of the European Self Storage Standard [2]:

  • Be accessed and controlled separately from any other business/storage.
  • Have Customer Only access control to the self storage area.
  • Have customer and staff amenities
  • Each separately occupied space should be constructed out of robust materials such as steel or brick and must have separate lockable access and security from access through adjacent rooms/spaces including from above.

The entire list is available on the FEDESSA website.

How does the SavvyLockers system help in meeting the guidelines?

One tool – many possibilities. The SavvyLockers system is our proprietary software that offers a variety of the essential tools compliant with FEDESSA standards.

  • The access control system ensures that entry is secure and limited to authorized individuals.
  • The online payment module facilitates cashless settlement for tenants and even automates the process.
  • Contracts can be signed electronically and remotely, with signatures confirmed by a Eurocert certificate.

The capabilities of our system far exceed the recommended standards: we replace traditional keys with electronic locks and paper documents with online management.

What does cooperation with FEDESSA mean for Sprytki.pl customers?

We believe that being a member of FEDESSA will contribute to more effective realization of our mission, which is to create state-of-the-art solutions that make it easier to run a self-storage business and transform the way the business is perceived. Membership in this organization is also a guarantee that users of SavvyLockers software receive a tool of the highest quality.

  • Stability and reliability: Self-storage facilities that become members of the Federation receive authorization from FEDESSA to place their logo on the warehouse door. This confirms that the facility meets industry standards for safety, construction, and management. Complementing these standards is the SavvyLockers system.
  • Up-to-date software: FEDESSA keeps us informed about the latest trends and technologies in the market. This allows us to respond effectively to developments in the self-storage industry and create a tailor-made system.

Build your success with us

We are confident that cooperating with FEDESSA will bring many benefits to our clients and enable us to increasingly better meet the needs of their businesses. If you are looking for self-storage management software that is reliable, easy to use, feature-rich, and meets industry standards, contact us today!

SavvyLockers – savvy solutions for self-storage facilities.


(1) https://www.fedessa.org/about-us.html

(2) https://www.fedessa.org/membership/european-self-storage-standards.html


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