How Can You Shape Prices In Self-Storage? Some Valuable Tips

What do self-storage customers value most? Security, ease of access and attractive rental rates. If we focus on prices, it is worth making them flexible and setting them based not only on market signals. The key to filling your boxes may be in the individual approach to the offers you create. Offer different price lists to individual customers and others to specific target groups. You can also adjust prices seasonally.

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  • The SavvyLockers software offers the flexibility to assign prices to a specific rental, including for future payment periods.
  • A well-structured rental price list is an effective marketing tool.
  • Configure any number of individual price lists and even create price lists for entire groups of tenants.

Why isn’t a general price list enough?

In pricing your rentals, we encourage you to take an individual approach. While a general price list is necessary, it is even more important to create an offer that will benefit you and your customers more. The SavvyLockers software offers you the flexibility to assign prices to a specific rental, including future payment periods. This allows you to tailor your offer even better to the needs of your tenants. Don’t miss any opportunity to attract new customers! Find out about the possibilities of our solution and how to put it into practice.

  • You can apply prices outside the main price list – select a price list you have previously created for a specific target group.
  • You can change prices for a single rental – make it easier to negotiate with your customers.
  • You can apply new prices for the entire rental period – set a favourable offer for a longer period.

Worried that a multitude of price lists will bring chaos to warehouse management? Don’t be! With the SavvyLockers software, everything is as simple as renting a box. Invoices for future periods will be issued automatically, with the correct rate – according to the price list assigned to the tenant.

Where can I manage my prices?

The price assignment functionality in our software is available in the modules:

  • new rental – possibility to set an individual price for a new tenant,
  • box data – possibility of setting a separate price for a specific rental,
  • settlements – a one-time change of price, only for the purpose of a particular operation.

You can additionally see the set prices on the box list and the rental list.

Why are dynamic price lists so important?

A well-structured rental price list is not only a tool for efficient warehouse management, but also an effective marketing tool. A correct pricing strategy will allow you to quickly (and simply!) adapt your rates to market changes, the specifics of your target groups (perhaps discounts for regular customers?), individual customer opportunities. Don’t forget that price influences customers’ purchasing decisions, so it is worth investing time and resources in shaping it properly.

If you want complete freedom in creating price quotes for your customers, consider SavvyLockers software. Thanks to the built-in dynamic price list function, you will have access to such actions as:

  • adding any number of price lists in the Price Configurator,
  • previewing the list of price lists in the Price Configurator,
  • configure 3 types of pricelists, e.g:
    • for individuals,
    • for companies,
    • for all,
  • setting a default price list (e.g. promotional) for selected tenants.

Prices under control

Price alone is not always of primary importance. Sometimes it is more important to have the flexibility to adapt it to individual customer needs. If you want to go beyond the general price list, invest in good warehouse management software. We guarantee that the pricing functionalities of the Savvylockers system will simplify your life and save you time. With a good tool in hand, all that’s left is to create attractive offers. As a result, you will gain a group of loyal and trusted tenants. And as Michael LeBoeuf says: “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy”.

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