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Boss! Relax, your business will run itself

Business is not a shackle, although self-storage owners often have a different opinion on this… Despite investments in modern technologies, including those supporting remote work and remote sales, managers can’t afford to take an extended rest. Why and how to change this? We invite you to read more.

Overwork is a disease of the 21st century

According to a 2021 Pracuj.pl survey, almost 50% of business owners take a maximum of 14 days off a year, and 40% enjoy vacations for no more than 7 days a year. As many as 6% of employers work around the clock, without a single day off!

Overwork leads to feelings of professional burnout, promotes mistakes (which in business can be expensive) and affects the overall sense of satisfaction and contentment with one’s life, both professional and personal.

Why, despite the huge leap in technology in the last two years (forced by, among other things, the pandemic), are business owners (including self-storage owners) still forced to make frequent personal visits to locations?

The answer is perverse. While they invested in solutions to streamline the work of their crews, they didn’t think of an investment that would make it easier for them too!

Remote self storage management

How to reap the profits of your business and at the same time go for a well-deserved rest without stress? Just invest in Savvylockers’ solution, which allows you to run a self-service self-storage facility.

This is an invaluable convenience not only during vacations and distant sojourns. Online management will also be appreciated by business owners who have custody of multiple dispersed locations or who operate in different industries.

The boss relaxes, customers serve themselves

With the Savvylockers system, the operation of a self-storage warehouse can be carried out partially or even completely remotely. Implementing the software, you can entrust most of the duties to the employees of the warehouse, and yourself only perform remote and ad hoc custody of the business.

Nothing stands in the way of transforming the warehouse into a fully self-service one with other additional improvements and safeguards (e.g. monitoring, contract with a security company, etc.).

What is Savvylockers?

The Savvylockers solution consists of:

  • administrator panel, accessible primarily from the web site,
  • a user panel, accessible from the app, the web site or a kiosk.

The admin panel allows the warehouse owner to keep his hand on the pulse, wherever he is. From within the app, the owner can manage, among other things:

  • all elements of the system (chains, locations, boxes),
  • pricing policies and special offers,
  • tenants (e.g. payments),
  • lockers and electronic­ locks.

Such a solution allows for a combination of work and travel, both for business and personal purposes. Even in emergency situations, most problems will be solved by the owner without physical presence in the facility. For example, he can open all boxes in emergency mode (maintenance work, flooding, etc.).

Benefits for the owner and users

Savvylockers allows online management not only for self-storage owners, but also for customers! In the app, customers rent, pay and operate rented boxes.

How it works?

The user installs a dedicated app on his phone or uses the website (with a kiosk as an option as well). After registering in the system, he has a preview of the price list applicable to the chain/location and all the necessary regulations. He can choose the appropriate size of the box, rent and pay for the box completely remotely and without cash. Once the box is rented, he uses his box 24/7. He opens the box with a code generated in the app, and therefore has a view of all events related to his box.

All paperwork and rental duties can be completed online. As a result, the presence of staff in the warehouse can be reduced to a minimum (or even to zero).

Keep your business under control wherever you are

If you want to enjoy more freedom in managing your business or just know how important any modern solutions are to support a positive user experience, the Savvylockers system may be just what you are looking for. Learn more about our solution at: www.whatis.savvylockers.com and www.savvylockers.com.

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