B2B Self Storage, i.e. Business Customers of Self-Storage Facilities

Business customers are an attractive group for self-storage owners. B2B rental means more rented space, long-term contracts and more stable cooperation.

  • Business customers of self-storage facilities are mostly entrepreneurs operating in the broader e-commerce sector.
  • The same is true for sales representatives, who have countless marketing materials to store in addition to the goods they sell.
  • Handicraftsmen and artists will be happy to use the space to store their working tools or completed works of art.
  • Owners of seasonal businesses – e.g. small catering establishments, seasonal bicycle rentals – will also be interested in the offer of your self-storage facility.
  • The equipment used in dayly work by the event and entertainment industry is too expensive to risk storing in a garage or basement.
  • Small construction companies will be interested in 24/7  access to their equipment in boxes.
  • A self-storage facility is a good place to store company documents for the legally required period.

Online shops

Business customers of self-storage facilities are mainly entrepreneurs in the broader e-commerce sector. Renting a box in self storage is definitely a cheaper option than renting additional office space or a warehouse.

When targeting this group of customers, it is worth thinking about the organisation of the space in the warehouse (e.g. arranging shelving in the price) and the special storage conditions. Entrepreneurs trading in food, dietary supplements, etc. need boxes where temperature and humidity are under control. These facilities will be of lesser importance to, for example, sellers of toys or household accessories.

Sales representatives and sellers

The same is true for sales representatives, who, in addition to the goods they sell, have countless samples, leaflets, brochures and other marketing materials to store.

What about the owners of stores that, although big in soul, are small in size? For them, too, a box will come in handy to store their assortment. Clothing, footwear, sports accessories or stationery items will find a secure place in the box.

This group of customers will especially appreciate the easy and round-the-clock access to the boxes and the free use of transport trolleys, ladders etc.


Self-storage boxes are a saviour for micro entrepreneurs who make their services or products in the comfort of their own home or garage.

Craftspeople and artists would love to have a space to store their working tools or completed works. The self storage box can also become their small studio and shipping centre . No more oil paintings in the living room or sculptures in the cellar!

Such customers will be happy to equip their box with work tables and take advantage of additional services, such as courier services.

Seasonal businesses

Mobile baristas, ice cream carts, popcorn or cotton candy rickshaws are a permanent feature of the summer landscape in all tourist destinations. When summer ends, so does seasonal business. Where can small catering equipment overwinter the dead sales period? In a self-storage facility, of course!

Owners of seasonal bicycle and scooter rentals, children’s inflatables and mobile playgrounds will also be interested in your offer.

You can read more about the seasonal model of storing things here: A year in the box – about seasonal storage of things.

The events and entertainment industry

The events and entertainment industry is full of small entrepreneurs – hosts of events, DJs, lighting technicians, etc. The equipment they use in their daily work is too expensive to risk storing it in a garage or basement.

Therefore, just like catering clients, entertainment entrepreneurs will appreciate additional security for their boxes, monitoring in the storage area, 24-hour security, etc.

It is also worth investing in electronic locks and an application integrated with these locks to enable customers storing extremely valuable items to keep constant watch over the contents of their boxes. Such a solution is the SavvyLockers system https://whatis.savvylockers.com/.

Construction and renovation companies

Small construction companies are often small budgets for ‘unnecessary expenses’. However, storing tools and equipment in the trunk of a car is not a very good idea. Fortunately so-called “handymen”, plumbers, tilers and other small general contractors can store their daily working tools in a self-storage box.

If you care about this group of customers, you should provide them with 24-hour access to the boxes.

Real estate agencies

Real estate agents do everything possible to sell their premises quickly and expensively. This is why the trend known as home staging , is now almost a common practice for real estate agencies.

It involves decorating a property to be sold or rented so that it looks as attractive as possible. However, storing these decorations requires space, which your self-storage facility can provide.

Company archives

Legislation imposes specific rules on entrepreneurs for the storage of documents relating to the running of the business, the hiring of employees, the purchase of goods, etc. A self-storage facility is a good place to store all these documents for the legally required period of time.

Such sensitive content requires special care. So assure your customers that you have humidity-controlled and well-ventilated boxes and that your storage facility has additional fire protection.

Respond to the needs of your business customers

Your customers are different and their needs are different. When preparing your offer, think about each group of customers and provide them with facilities or additional services according to their needs. If you want to focus primarily on business customers, you could consider setting up small meeting rooms in your warehouse, establishing partnerships with courier companies or introducing additional services such as selling cardboard boxes, envelopes and packaging.

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