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Welcome to the world of the SpavvyLockers brand, where innovation meets passion for customer service, and technology becomes the key to comfort and efficiency. We are a software house with over 10-years of experience in designing the most ambitious systems for our clients. Let us tell the story behind our brand.

Mission: comfort, savings, innovation

Our mission is to create modern solutions, that not only make life easier, but also transform the way we see the business. We meet the needs of our customers! Our innovative solution combines convenience with customer service efficiency. It saves time, resources and money.

Our advantage: Self-testing

We are not afraid of challenges. Our dream was to create the most advanced and comprehensive self storage management system in the world. Today we already know that we have succeeded!

For years we have been testing our solutions on a living organism – on our own fully automated self storage facility in Bialystok. It is here, at the heart of our business, that we create, refine and test every element of our system.

Our achievement: Uniqueness on a global scale

Through our relentless work and commitment, we have become innovators in the industry. Our self storage system is not only comprehensive, but also tailored to meet the latest customer needs and expectations. We are the only such comprehensive solution in Poland, and perhaps even in the world.

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