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A year in the box – about seasonal storage of things

Do your customers know how to use the space available in self storage facilities wisely? Tell them about the seasonal storage model and make sure your boxes have a high occupancy rate all year round!

Lots of stuff, little space

Poles’ homes and apartments are getting smaller and more minimalist. The spirit of history has covered once popular cubbys with dust, and newly built micro apartments often lack access to basements or storage cells. However, residential minimalism does not translate into the number of possessions.

This is excellent news for the self storage industry. Self-storage boxes make it possible to combine large belongings needs and micro storage conditions. Renting even a small box will meet the needs of a typical family needing to store bicycles, skis, diving equipment, fishing rods, tents and other much-needed life-enhancers.

How is this possible? The answer is: the SEASONAL STORAGE MODEL!

Seasonality in self storage

The seasonal storage model is the changing contents of the boxes, almost in sync with the cyclical nature of the seasons. In this way, a family can store all the things they need in one box without straining the household budget too much.

This model is also a benefit for self storage owners. This is because the model allows high occupancy of storage boxes throughout the year, even in the dead periods.

If you want to increase traffic to your business, promote your services seasonally, pointing out ways to use the boxes depending on the season. Use the information in the article and the graphics prepared by the SavvyLockers team in your promotion.


When the first rays of sunshine appear and the temperature outside exceeds 10°C, the boxes in self storage fill up with winter accessories, clothes and equipment.

Your customers will be happy to empty their home closets of jackets, snow boots, hats and scarves. Winter equipment such as skis, skates, snowboards and sleds will also find their place in the box. Next to it will fit winter tires, a Christmas tree, holiday decorations and even misplaced gifts….


Summer is the Polish customary time for renovations and redecorating. Before the renovation team enters the premises, investors are faced with emptying the apartment or house. But where to store all that furniture, appliances, trinkets? In your self storage of course!

Spring boxes are also a good place to seasonally keep sports equipment such as trainers, exercise bikes, benches, barbells. It’s a shame to lose the beautiful weather to exercise at home gym!


The first yellow and red leaves are a sign that autumn is just around the corner . Summer clothes, beach blankets and toys, tents, suitcases will go into the boxes according to the seasonal storage model.

If your customers choose a medium or large box, there will also be room for garden furniture and umbrellas, lawn mowers, power saws, garden tools.


The winter edition of self storage boxes is a repository for holiday memories and summer souvenirs. Bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, windsurfing accessories and even motorcycles, scooters and ATVs will find a warm and safe place in the boxes . Fishing enthusiasts can entrust their fishing equipment and even their boat to your attentive care.

Rent all year round

Seasonal storage is a way for customers to make the best use of space in self storage, and for you to guarantee a steady income all year round. Use our graphics in your social media and forget about dead season in your business!

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